Traditional Flavours

Modern Touches

Using fresh and natural ingredients in our productions throughout the year, we take special care to offer healthy, delicious and reliable products to our customers.

We Offer Quality and Deliciousness to the World


By adopting an environmentally friendly approach, we prioritize the sustainability of natural resources in our production processes.

We attach great importance to hygiene and quality issues. Every stage of our production process is meticulously inspected by quality control unit.

We are very proud of being a reliable brand in the international market.

Beside offering our products under our own registered brand ‘LİNDO’, we also produce with our customers’ own brands.

As Hemsi Tarım Ürünleri, we also market and distribute the Tomato Paste produced by our second company Salsa Tarım Ürünleri.


Natural Productions

We Introduce You to New Generation Technology

We process fresh raw material with advanced technology

In our healthy and reliable production process, tomatoes and peppers collected from the fields are carefully selected. They are processed under hygienic conditions using the latest technology. No additives are used during the production phase. Our products are processed with natural methods only and do not contain any ingredients harmful to your health.

With our experience and expertise; we offer a delicious and reliable journey.

You can enjoy natural taste and healthy nutrition by trying our delicious tomato paste which we are very happy to present to you.


The basis of our company's success lies in quality, reliability and innovation.

All our products are produced in accordance with international quality standards and certified with globally recognized certificates.